Grenville Snowmobile Association

Driver Training Program

The Grenville Snowmobile Association is planning to host driver training programs for those wishing to obtain a snow vehicle operatorís license. This course is intended for young drivers at least 12 years of age at the time of the course, or drivers new to the sport of snowmobiling. The topics addressed during the course are as follows:

  History and development of Snowmobiles

  Motorized snow vehicle laws of Ontario

  Trespass to property Act.

  Occupies Liability Act.

  General Features and Theory of Operation of a Snowmobile

  Operation and general maintenance of a snowmobile

  Preparation of a snowmobile for safe operation

  Pre-Ride Inspection Procedure

  Trouble Shooting

  Operation of the snowmobile and recognizing hazards

  Snowmobile Clothing

  Coping with emergencies and cold weather survival

  Promoting a more positive and responsible attitude and behavior when operating a snowmobile.

For course information, please contact a member of the executive.

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